Maintenance and Services

UniCranes & Logistics Ltd. provides a full range of maintenance service including tailored fit inspections, preventive maintenance or repairs activity, troubleshooting and refurbishments, as well as parts supply for all type pf crane and lifting products.

Maintenance activities

Inspection and review of existing equipment. To check safety and group standards, operating environment and condition of installed machines long-term use is always considered.

Periodic inspections:

  • structural
  • main
  • safety

To carry out regular maintenance work for all type of lifting products and to fix any kind of occurring technical issue.

Scheduled repair and maintenance activities

To fix and repair the detected cases

7/24 service support. Quick start of troubleshooting by our available service technicians all the time.

To upgrade applied equipment, to check condition and to fine tune for client’s need. For example, increasing the number of operating groups, increasing the load capacity, setting the speed limit and removing gears or implementing a remote-control system, etc.


Supply of spare parts for existing equipment (for all type of lifting and crane products)

To meet client’s expectations and to find and present the best option for each task and project.